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Magistrate warns that marijuana deal could be spiked

California has legalised marijuana, but the Trump administration disapproves. A TOOWOOMBA magistrate has warned marijuana smokers that they may be getting more than they bargained for when sourcing the illicit drug from dealers. Not for the first time, a defendant has appeared before the Toowoomba Magistrates Court on a charge of driving with methylamphetamine in his system and yet sworn he never touched the stuff. Such was the case with Keith Jeffery Lingwoodock who tested positive for drugs after being pulled over by police while driving on Anzac Avenue early on October 29 last year. An analysis of his saliva test showed the 48-year-old had traces of marijuana and methylamphetamine (ice) in his system at the time. However, his lawyer Peter Sloane said his client instructed he was not a meth user, prompting Magistrate Kay Ryan to reply that it was her advice that people were selling marijuana laced with meth without the buyer knowing. "It's another reason to stay away from these drugs," Ms Ryan warned Lingwoodock. Mr Sloane said his client had a good job and hoped he would still be able to work despite the loss of his driver's licence. His client had not been the designated driver that night of the party he had attended earlier before being pulled over by police as he drove home. Ms Ryan ordered the conviction not be recorded and fined Lingwoodock $350 and disqualified him from holding or obtaining a driver's licence for three months. Originally published here:

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