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Legalise weed, says expert

Sunraysia-born health expert Dr Nick Crofts says the legalisation of cannabis would allow mean governments would have to put control methods in place. A WORLD-leading harm reduction expert says legalisation and regulation of cannabis for recreational use would be a more effective approach to the Victoria’s drugs policy. Colignan-born professor Nick Crofts, a Harm Reduction Australia board member, said legalisation of cannabis would allow the government to put in place and enforce regulatory controls, such as licensing, age limits and drug quality control. His comments come after a Victorian Parliament committee released a 640-page report into drug law reform, which recommended further investigation into the merits of legalising the drug. The long-awaited report could lead to a change in the state’s approach to tackling drugs. For more of this story, purchase your copy of Saturday's Sunraysia Daily 31/03/2018.To subscribe to our Digital Edition Click here Originally published here:

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