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Jenny Hallam, who gave cannabis oil to sick people, tells supporters she had pleaded guilty to drug

Jenny Hallam. Picture: AAP Image/Brenton Edwards A South Australian medical cannabis producer who was charged with manufacturing and possessing cannabis for sale has told her loyal supporters she pleaded guilty to the charges after a marathon legal battle. Jenny Hallam was charged in April 2017 with producing a controlled drug. She vowed to fight the charges saying that she gave the cannabis oil to those who medically needed the drug for pain relief. However, the week before her trial before a jury was set to begin she announced she had changed her plea to guilty. “Today I had to change my plea and I pleaded guilty,” Ms Hallam said on a video posted to social media in early February. “Sorry to those who have supported me so far. I have taken this as far as I can possibly take it. “I was silly when (the police) were raiding the house, I kept trying to make them feel guilty by telling them about the kids who had been receiving the oil that were going to die because they had taken that away. “That stuffed me up because I was making admissions the whole time.” Ms Hallam was planning to defend the charge by saying the production and distribution of the cannabis was a medical necessity. Ms Hallam had been supplying the cannabis oil free of charge to numerous customers with a myriad of health conditions. Originally published here:

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