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WA Police seize almost 4000 cannabis plants in Bambun

Police seized almost 4000 plants and close to 60kg of cannabis head from a property in Bambun, north of Perth.Picture: WA Police

Another big cannabis crop has been found on a rural property north of Perth, with police seizing almost 4000 plants and close to 60kg of cannabis head.

The haul is believed to be the second biggest in WA after organised crime squad investigators found 7500 plants at a property at Red Gully, north of Gingin, in October.

No one was at the property on Sullivan Road in Bambun, 80km north of Perth, when officers raided it last Thursday.

Inquiries are continuing into the criminals behind the commercial operation, but the Vietnamese property owners told police they had leased the land in September.

Police suspect the people who rented the property used fake names and provided fake identification.

The raid was part of the crackdown on South-East Asian organised crime syndicates setting up cannabis “grow houses” across Perth. Originally published here:

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