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First cannabis cruise to sail out of Canada this month

A cannabis cruise will be sailing out of Windsor this month to celebrate the opening of the city’s first legal dispensary.

And it was so popular, organisers are already planning a second departure.

The cruise, held by Windsor River Cruises and Border City Entertainment, will sail down the Detroit river for three hours on 20 September, with the second cruise slated in for 26 September.

“It was supposed to be — you know — a big party a big celebration of the legalization,” Jessilin Deschamps, the promotional manager for Windsor River Cruises, told CBC.

Deschamps said the cruise will not supply any cannabis, but passengers will be within their legal right to bring their own and use it on a designated lower deck so long as the vessel stays within Canadian waters.

Tickets were priced at $50 ($55AUD) and over 4.7 thousand people have registered their interest on Border City Entertainment’s Facebook event, with 525 having indicated they are attending.

The Facebook event for the cruise, which is available for passengers over 19 years only, boasts live DJs, food and drinks for sale, door prizes and “of course, Miss Mary-Jane herself!”

The event also warns against buying, selling, or “mooching” cannabis products, declaring the cruise is strictly BYOC (bring your own cannabis). Originally published here:

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