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SA cannabis supplier spared conviction

Adelaide woman Jenny Hallam has avoided a conviction for supplying medicinal cannabis.

An Adelaide woman who admitted to drug offences after supplying medicinal cannabis to help people suffering from chronic pain and other ailments has been spared a conviction.

Jenny Hallam's home at Hillier, in Adelaide's north, was raided by police in January 2017, after she had been producing the product for two years.

District Judge Raul Soulio on Thursday spared her a conviction, saying she was motivated by compassion and not greed.

Outside court, Hallam said her situation was reflective of an urgent need for legislative reform around the production of medicinal cannabis.

"Let people live," she said.

"Stop listening to the pharmaceutical companies... start listening to the people that matter.

"It was about making people better, that's all it's about."

Hallam had intended to take the case to trial, arguing she acted out of medical necessity in the supply of cannabis oil to those who needed the drug to relieve pain, though in February this year she pleaded guilty to the charges.

Access to medicinal cannabis has been legal in South Australia for some time but it can only be prescribed by doctors under certain circumstances.

Proponents say, for some people, getting hold of suitable products remains difficult.

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