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Jacinda Ardern hints at her support for cannabis to be legalised in NZ

Jacinda Ardern may have broken her silence on whether she supports the legalisation of cannabis by tasting hemp ice cream at a high-tech food lab.

New Zealanders will decide whether recreational marijuana should be legalised and taxed in a referendum held alongside the nation's election on October 17.

Ms Ardern has kept quiet about which way she will vote in the so called 'reefer-endum', with a surprisingly blank history on the topic.

But on Thursday, the prime minister made the trip to Palmerston North, north of Wellington, to sample the hemp dessert.

'Creamy,' she said, after taking a spoonful, Stuff reported.

Ms Ardern also tried soy-based meats and inspected a new UV light device that helps strawberries, soy, and cannabis generate up to 14 per cent more produce.

Supporters gathered outside Massey University food laboratories to take selfies with the prime minister before she left the precinct.

She was also inundated with professions of support and love as she swanned through the streets of the small town.

Her main rival Nationals leader Judith 'The Crusher' Collins is opposed to the legalisation of marijuana and visited the same university a week prior.

Ms Collins opted to skip the hemp dessert in favour of robotics developments, but did not receive the same warm reception.

As the opposition leader walked through the town square, a cafe owner said: 'I was hoping it would be Jacinda'.

The prime minister's refusal to to be drawn on the topic has sparked the ire of campaigners, hoping the popular politician might break her silence and tip the ballot their way.

Labour has offered its MPs a conscience vote while opposition National MPs are all voting against it.

A poll by Stuff reported that support for Yes and No was split 49.5 per cent each way, with one per cent clicking 'I don't know' in early September,

Each survey conducted by pollsters aligned with major TV network polling has put the prohibitionist campaign ahead, while most online polls show the opposite.

The cannabis vote is being held alongside a similar referendum on euthanasia.

Voting and being on the electoral roll is optional in New Zealand.

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