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Greens bid to legalise cannabis in NSW

The NSW Greens want to legalise the use of cannabis in the state, but with certain regulations. Credit: AAP

The NSW Greens want to legalise the personal use of cannabis in the state, but with certain regulations.

Party MP Cate Faehrmann will introduce the bill into the NSW upper house on Wednesday that would allow people to grow their own plants at home.

"It's time to legalise cannabis in NSW," Ms Faehrmann said in a statement. "Prohibition has well and truly failed and governments all around the world are finally accepting this fact."

In 2019, the ACT decriminalised the personal use of cannabis, allowing people over the age of 18 to possess up to 50 grams and grow up to two cannabis plants per person with a maximum of four per household.

Legalising cannabis in NSW would stop billions of dollars going into the pockets of organised crime and enable it to be regulated and taxed, Ms Faehrmann said.

"Decriminalisation is better than prohibition," she added.

"People are risking criminal records just because their drug of choice has been deemed illegal because of a moral crusade started before I was born."

The MP argued cannabis posed less harm to users and society compared to alcohol, tobacco and some prescription drugs.

The Greens Cannabis Legalisation Bill 2021 aims to:

* legalise recreational use and possession of cannabis. * allow a household of two people or less to grow up to six cannabis plants while a household of more than two people could grow up to 12 cannabis plants. * require cannabis products to be labelled with health warnings. * prohibit retailers from promoting or advertising cannabis; * prohibit cannabis stores from operating with 200 metres of a school or childcare centre.

It's expected the bill will be brought forward for debate this year. Originally published here:


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