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Linda Nolan offered medicinal cannabis treatment by Olivia Newton-John amid cancer fight

LINDA NOLAN has revealed Olivia Newton John's team has reached out to her about using medicinal cannabis, as she continues her battle with incurable cancer.

Linda Nolan has been offered medicinal cannabis treatment by Olivia Newton-John's team (Image: TWITTER•LINDANOLAN•GETTY) Linda Nolan, 62, had a setback in her cancer battle last June, when she was told it had spread to her liver. While she tries to stay positive with the help of her sisters, the former singer said there are times where she feels overpowered by her incurable but treatable illness.

Speaking exclusively to, she said she is doing her best to lead a happy life and is grateful for the “lovely” messages she receives from her fans and other celebrities who wish her well.

Amongst the messages she received was one from Olivia Newton John’s team, who shared advice about using medicinal cannabis treatment.

The Grease actress, who has stage four breast cancer, has claimed medicinal cannabis oil has helped her “greatly” during her battle.

Her husband John Easterling, founder of the Amazon Herb Company, developed and refined cannabis formulations to complement the Grease star’s conventional treatments.

Linda Nolan was told her cancer had spread to her liver last year (Image: ITV)

She previously said her husband’s formulas had been a huge help with her sleep, stress, mood and pain.

Linda said while she believes this form of medication works, she doesn’t wasn’t to go down that path yet.

She said: “Olivia Newton John’s people got in touch with me from Australia, which was lovely.

“They were talking about the medicinal cannabis treatment which, at this moment, I’m not going down that route.

Olivia Newton-John said her husband’s formulas had been a help with her sleep, stress, mood and pain (Image: GETTY)

Linda Nolan has launched Hudson’s Passion Fruit & Watermelon Gin (Image: PH)

“I believe it works because you can see results from it but I’m not at that stage yet.

“I just thought it was so lovely that they reached out.

“She’s looking amazing, she’s battled it her own way - there’s a foundation in Australia.

“She’s amazing, she’s one to go, ‘Oh OK I can do this’.” Linda was first diagnosed with breast cancer in 2006. A year later, medics found cellulitis and lymphoedema in her arm. In 2017, secondary cancer was found in her pelvis.

The singer completed chemotherapy in September last year but was told more tumours had been found in her liver in December.

“There are times where I sit down and cry, and I’m scared of dying,” she admitted.

“In 2007 when my husband passed away, in 2009/10 I was suicidal at times.

“It’s kind of ironic now that I’m desperate to stay alive and to see the kids grow up if I can, and lead a happy life. “I do at times sit down and it just overpowers me - I still have counselling and they said it’s normal that every now and then it catches up on you and you think, this thing is inside me and I’ve got to beat it and it’s hard.”

Linda has been living with her sister Denise during lockdown and has used the time to launch her Hudson’s Passion Fruit & Watermelon Gin.

The singer said it was “amazing” to hear her newly launched drink sold out in just 15 hours of its release and is hoping it’ll be people’s go-to beverage this summer.

She said: “The summer is coming up and hopefully we’re all going to be out of lockdown and can have a lovely passionate fruit and watermelon in the sun.”

Linda added “it’s never too late” to put goals into perspective as she went on to thank her fanbase for their support. Originally published here:

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