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Medical trial using cannabis: Findings give hope to Australian pain sufferers

A medical trial using cannabis to relieve pain has proven successful. Image: Stock photo

Far North residents battling chronic pain have reason for an increased sense of optimism after the release of findings from a study that investigated the use of cannabis to relieve pain.

The Australian study wanted to determine if locally made GMP medicinal cannabis products assisted with reducing chronic refractory pain.

The findings, later published in the international scientific journal Medical Cannabis and Cannabinoids determined 47.9% of patients reported “a statistically significant improvement in pain impact scores”.

Furthermore, a further 49.3% experienced an improvement in quality of life while 35.6% reported better sleep patterns.

“Studies such as this, led by researchers using quality, Australian made medicinal cannabis, is what we want to continue to see to increase confidence amongst GPs in prescribing medicinal cannabis,” medical expert Joe Kosterich told Newsport.

The 151 participants of the study included those who currently suffer from arthritis, neuropathic and musculoskeletal pain.

Researchers behind the study noted Chronic pain “can negatively impact a person’s quality of life including their sleep patterns, social engagement, as well as their ability to work and conduct daily activities”.

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