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Thanks A Million campaign: Medicinal cannabis campaigner Katrina Spraggon’s fight for her daughter

Queensland’s Katrina Spraggon wants laws to allow doctors to prescribe cannabis medicine to children.

Kaitlyn Spraggon, who suffers from a severe disability, and her mother Katrina. Picture: Adam Head. Source: News Corp Australia Children’s health advocate Katrina Spraggon has been described as an unsung hero for her fight in shining the light on access to medicinal cannabis for children. The Queensland mother of four, from Ningi, has taken her battle to a state and federal level and also received global support. Her 12-year-old disabled daughter Kaitlyn uses cannabis oil for pain and to prevent severe seizures. Despite cannabis oil becoming more widely available, Ms Spraggon said no commercially available product was similar to the homemade recipe she brewed for Kaitlyn. “We take one day at a time and have been receiving support from all around the world,” she said. “The issue involves a lot of people who can’t afford it but would benefit from the treatment being on the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme.” Ms Spraggon’s efforts have earned her a Thanks A Million campaign nomination from consultant and friend Linda Howard, who works in community relations and Indigenous affairs management. She wrote in her submission: “Despite her own personal challenges, Katrina has tirelessly advocated both on a state and federal level, to change laws to allow doctors to prescribe cannabis medicine to children with these severe neurological conditions.

“Katrina continues to push for greater access, more research and better health outcomes for children, Australia wide.

“The time and effort and heart Katrina puts into this cause has had a significant impact on government policy, with greater access to this medicine potentially saving and giving greater quality of life to thousands of Australian children.

“Katrina is everything the best mothers are made of, and the best Australians; she thinks of others, no matter how hard times are for her, she fights for the little guy, the little battler – and is willing to take on giants to do so.

“Katrina is an unsung hero who I believe deserves recognition and thanks.”

The Thanks A Million Pride of Australia awards recognise those who have gone above and beyond to help their fellow Australians through the challenges of 2020. Originally published here:

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