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United States: Cannabis legalisation measures pass in 5 states

The measures passed in all five states that had cannabis legalisation on the ballot.

Richard Vogel/AP, FILE: A cannabis leaf grows on a plant at a cannabis grow in Gardena, Calif., May 20, 2019. 5 states pass cannabis legalisation Besides voting for president, voters considered measures covering recreational cannabis, abortion, minimum wage, affirmative action and Puerto Rico’s statehood.

Five states will now legalise cannabis for both recreational and medical use.

A majority of New Jersey and Arizona residents voted yes on ballot measures to make recreational cannabis legal. Voters in South Dakota approved cannabis for medical use.

Lawmakers in New Jersey will now have to draft and pass legislation for implementing the new policy. The Arizona Department of Health Services will be responsible for adopting that state's rules.

Mississippi voters approved an initiative to establish a medical cannabis program for patients with debilitating conditions.

Voters in Montana voted for two initiatives to legalise, regulate and tax recreational cannabis for adults 21 and older, according to the Great Falls Tribune.

Eleven other states and the District of Columbia already allowed legal recreational cannabis use prior to Election Day.

South Dakota has a second ballot measure that would legalise recreational cannabis


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