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Medical cannabis trials mired in red tape

Tony Bower of Mullaways Medical Cannabis Pty. Ltd. In what kind of crazy world of politics are we living right now? While Victoria is considering assisted dying’, it seems that all states are very far away from assisted living’. Didn’t Tony Bower start to hand out his cannabis tincture in Nimbin on 1 December, World AIDS Day, 2009? (It made front-page of the Nimbin Good Times, December 09). Wasn’t it in November 2014 at the inaugural Medicinal Cannabis Symposium in Tamworth that premier Baird said in his opening address that NSW could be ‘the world leader in medicinal cannabis’? And wow, after 25 months there is a call-out for 80 people on chemotherapy to join a trial with cannabis. It was the late Dan Haslam who made the premier aware about cannabis being very helpful to his quality of life while on chemotherapy for his cancer. With Human Rights Day on 10 December, I wonder if it should be a human right to live without pain as much as possible and therefore being able to choose what medicine the patient wants to use. There are thousands of people who benefit already from using cannabis for their health in all different ways, still frightened daily, because of it’s illegality. There are tens of thousands waiting for being able to get assisted living’ happening right now!

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